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Evelyn Salt is the main protagonist in the 2010 film Salt. She was a pRussian KA-12 agent who was sent as a child to infiltrate the United States by becoming an agent at the Central Intelligence Agency.

She was portrayed by the legendary actress Angelina Jolie, who also played Fox in the 2008 film Wanted, Maleficent in the live-action movie of the same name and its 2019 sequel, titled Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Lara Croft in the movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and its sequel Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life and voiced Lola from Shark Tale and Tigress from the Kung-Fu Panda films.


Early Life[]

Natasha Chenkov was born in Russian. When she arrives in America, Evelyn prepares to work for the CIA and when she does, she meets her boss Ted Winter who makes her and the other recruits say the oath to work for the CIA. One day, Winter shows her photos of the arachnologist Mike Krause, he tells Salt that he has no restrictions to cross the borders of North Korea. He tells Salt to study everything he can about spiders to get to know him as he is the perfect cover to sneak into North Korea.

Salt (2010 film)[]

Evelyn Salt is being held and tortured in a North Korean prison on suspicion of being an American spy. She is in her underwear and tied by the hands and feet. Evelyn pleads "Please, I want go home. Please, I'm not who you think I am" to his captors. They continue to torture her and accuse her of being a spy, but despite all her torture, Salt continues to say that she is not a spy and begs them to let her go. A while later, Salt is released and escorted by two military personnel out of the facility to out of the facility. While away, Salt meets his CIA colleague, Ted Winter. He says her "Keep your head down. Don't say anything till we make the swap. In case Kim Jong here changes his mind.". In the middle of the road to the border, the military exchange prisoners. As they walk, Salt says "It's against the protocol that you exchange me. One life cannot abort an operation", Winter agrees with her and Salt asks why he did it. Winter tells him that it was not him, it was his her boyfriend, the arachnologist Mike Krause, who generates so much publicity about Salt's incarceration that the CIA is forced to organize a prisoner swap despite agency policy against him. Winter and Mike greet Salt at the border.

As they ride a bus, Mike proposes to marry her and asks if she's okay but Evelyn says "You shouldn't have come", Mike says "But what are you saying. No ... I don't understand you", Evelyn says "Now already They know who you are. ", Mike asks who and says" I would accept anything you tell me but I have to know. Who? " and encourages her to tell him. Salt, crying, admits to Mike that she is, in fact, a CIA agent and tells him "We can't be together. You're not safe by my side" and admits her true occupation and genuine feelings for Krause. However, Mike doesn't care and says "I don't want to be safe. I know you. I want to be with you. I want to spend my whole life with you. Okay?" and Evelyn agrees to marry him when they return home.

Two years later, in Washington D.C. At Salt and Krause's apartment, Evelyn is watching Mike do a study on a spider. He smiles when he senses the presence of his wife. The two, smiling, greet each other and Mike says "Happy anniversary" and Salt asks "You want me to make you breakfast? How about pancakes?". Mike asks if she is going to cook but Evelyn says "You're joking. You like my cooking". She approaches her husband, tells him that Burt (her dog) likes how he cooks, the two kiss and have a playful fight with Evelyn telling Mike to remove his bugs from the table and he responding that they are spiders.

At the police station, Salt is watching a black tie video until Winter walks up and asks "Is this what you call working?" She says "It's my anniversary and I want it to be perfect" and shows him how she has folded a napkin saying which is not seductive. Winter responds "No, but it is functional and the most seductive thing is functional". At that moment, another CIA agent named Francis comes in and gives them the name of a suspect. Salt asks "Verifiable matches?" and Francis shows him the report and Winter tells him to take it away. When Francis leaves, after saying to Winter "Yes sir. Right now sir", Winter asks Salt "Do I look like a sir? She says" From head to toe. What surprises me is that he doesn't call you majesty. ", Winter says" I like the way it sounds. I think she would rather "majesty" "Evelyn jokingly asks" Have you ever been that young "and he says" Even more "and asks her friend to accompany her. Salt and Winter get out of an elevator and talk about that the President wants to know what is going on in Russia before it happens and if they will go to the vice president's funeral, at which point a CIA agent informs Salt and Winter that a Russian defector has arrived. The agent tells them that the defector belongs to the FSB and that he is a strange guy. Salt asks "Do you understand? The agent says not very well but suggests that someone who understands him speak. Evelyn says to Winter" Ted, Mike will be waiting for me at home ", Winter says" Yes, and my a plane. Come on, Salt. You detect if he is a nut or not before anyone else ", Salt says" I have 25 minutes "and Winter says" And I 26. Let's go. "Salt and Winter go to question the deserter and meet the CIA counterintelligence agent Darryl Peabody who tells them "We sneak into the party" and greets Salt professionally and she returns the greeting. The agents put down their cell phones before entering the interrogation room. An agent inside the room removes the hood that he has Headshot and the agents can see him through the surveillance camera monitors, then connect the microphones and prepare the room for the interrogation. Winter sends Evelyn to the room, who before entering puts a headset so that the other agents hear what she hears. Salt sits in his chair to begin the interrogation. The defector notices Salt's engagement ring and says, "She's married. A husband must be a distraction for an intelligence agent. "Salt says" We are here to talk about you. What is your name? ", The defector tells him that his name is Oleg Vassilyevich Orlov and who has cancer, Salt says "It moves me. A deserter with cancer. Do you want to sell secrets in exchange for chemotherapy or are you afraid of dying?", Orlov says "If earning hell has served me well, no It was fair to have nothing to fear. Russia is also dying. But unlike me, she is not dead.". Outside the room, the agents find all the information about Orlov and see that everything he has said, including cancer is true but they find no information about him before 1993. In the room, Orlov says "Russia was once strong, powerful ... and will be again when things have returned to the right path", Salt says" Hey, they are waiting for me Mr. Orlov, so I would appreciate if you would come to the point. ", Orlov tells the agents a story in his language after Salt told him "I don't like stories. But I'll listen anyway. In English please. Others are listening." He tells them the story of Natasha Chenkov and tells them about "Day X,"a Russian plot to destroy the United States through the use of birth-trained English-speaking sleeper agents known as "KAs."

Evelyn says "Man, I'm falling asleep. When does the fairy godmother show up?" and Orlov says "Never. It's a hopeless story." and continues with Chenkov's story, saying that she is agent "KA-12", who came to America assuming the identity of a dead girl and that the day of her mission has arrived and she will travel to New York and kill the president. Russian Boris Matveyev at the funeral of the US vice president. The agents look for information on the "KAs" and see that everything he has said is true but there was no proof that they were real. Peabody believes what happens through the lie detectors and they affirm that everything he says is true but Winter is convinced that he is lying and says "Finish, Ev". Evelyn says "So a Russian agent is going to kill the Russian president? Is that it ?, he affirms it. Salt does not believe in the KA program and leaves the room to go with Mike, saying that the rest explain it to him. At that moment, Orlov reveals that KA-12 is called "Evelyn Salt". She says "My name is Evelyn Salt" and he says "So you are a Russian spy" and the lie detectors confirm all his history.

Salt, shocked by the accusation, leaves the interrogation room. She notices the distrust of Peabody and Winter but says to the latter "Ted, call the Protective Service and find my husband" while trying to leave the control room but Winter stops her and asks "Where are you going? She tries to leave saying that she has to call her husband but Peabody refuses to let her go after what happened with the lie detector. Salt says that happened because Orlov has not been upset, that she can beat him five times of every six and that Orlov must be trained like her Evelyn says "I need my cell phone and call my husband. Let me call my husband ", Peabody agrees but only if he and Winter join her to see what she does. She picks up her cell phone and says to Winter" You didn't mention my wedding ring for fun, Ted. When they uncover a spy, they not only gut him, they gut his whole life and you know it. "And she even tells him an example of a case and Winter agrees with her. Salt sends a message to Mike with Peabody at his side, her husband does not respond and she realizes that he is in danger. Orlov says "Go to God, Comrade Chenkov" before they take him away. Winter orders someone to question Orlov and when the other agents take him away, he tells her to Salt "Hey, Ev. Try to calm yourself down, "Evelyn says" I'm not a fucking Russian spy, okay? "Winter tells her that she doesn't think she's that and tells her and Peabody to go to her office to fix this but Peabody says" No. No. We have to go to a safe place. Now? "So he and Winter leave Salt in the interrogation room. She repeats to Winter" Call the Protective Service. Find Mike. "Evelyn is pacing the room while Winter and Peabody talk about what happened. Orlov manages to kill the guards who had him using knives he had in his shoes while he was in an elevator with them and manages to escape from the police station Winter and Peabody leave when another agent informs them of what happened. Salt says "I have to go to the bathroom." Winter and Peabody order to put Orlov's photo anywhere when they see that he has escaped. They also see Salt in a lift through the chambers and Peabody orders them to follow her.

Evelyn tries to leave the building although she is secured due to Orlov's escape. Salt goes to the exit but when he sees a security woman receive a call, he deduces that an agent (Peabody) has called her to not let her leave, so he goes the other way. Evelyn enters another area and calls Dave, the owner of the apartment, and asks if Mike is there but he tells her that he left after lunch. Evelyn removes her heels in case she needs to flee and climbs the area stairs in bare feet. The guards see that Salt has entered the second floor, which is a double bottom area. Peabody orders "Insulate and seal her.". Salt enters the area but is soon trapped. She runs through the corridors to try to escape but the guards lock her up so she goes to the elevator but they have also cut the power. Evelyn grabs a fire extinguisher and shoots it into the security camera so Peabody heads there with a task force. Salt goes through the unlocked hallways and uses the fire extinguisher to blind the cameras. Winter looks at the monitors and doesn't see Salt anywhere, nor does he see other cameras blinded. Evelyn comes to a hallway, blinds the chamber, and grabs a pile of chemicals. Salt arrives at another interrogation room and Winter sees her through a camera and orders her to be locked up. She blinds the camera with her underwear, takes out a flammable substance and takes a leg from the interrogation table. As the team goes to Salt, Peabody receives all the data from her. Winter calls Salt and she answers saying "Have you located him?", She puts the phone on the floor and Winter asks "But what the hell are you doing, Ev? You're making it difficult." Winter warns him "An operational team is going to catch you in 30 seconds." and orders her to "Take the fucking panties off the camera and get out of sight so you can come out unscathed." Salt, while pouring two substances on the table leg, asks "Have you located my husband?" but he only talks about the team that goes for her so Evelyn hangs up. She takes out a part of the wheelchair and uses some paper to cover the leg of the table with the two substances. Salt waits until the team opens the door and when they do it to drop a gas bomb, she throws her makeshift bomb through the extinguisher that explodes and stuns Peabody and her team. Evelyn goes out the door, grabs the gun from one of the agents, escapes, shoots the camera and a window to escape through there. Winter sees Salt in a chamber outside the building and orders that they keep her out of sight. Evelyn crosses the street and escapes from the building. Winter and the agents get a facial image of Salt's face and he asks "What the hell are you doing, Ev?" Peabody arrives at the office and Winter tells her that Salt will go to his apartment to find Mike, so the two with other agents also go there. Salt calls a taxi, tells the taxi driver his address and tries to call her husband again, but he doesn't pick him up either, and she breaks the chip on his cell phone that allows the other agents to track him down. Salt remembers when he heard about Mike Krauser for the first time.

Salt arrives at his apartment and opens it with a key hidden in the door. She enters the apartment, calls and looks for Mike but he is not there. Salt finds Burt and says "Hello, hi, little one. Easy. Sssh. Dad, where is he? And Dad?", Burt leads Salt to Mike's chair and she discovers that her husband has been kidnapped. Salt searches the apartment and gathers survival supplies, weapons, and one of her husband's spiders in a jar. Evelyn whistles for Burt to come with her. At that moment, CIA agents burst onto the floor with explosives that smash all the windows. They search the apartment but cannot find Salt, who has climbed out of a window and is moving around the window balconies until he comes to a window where he sees a girl doing her homework. Evelyn gestures for the girl to open the window. Salt asks the girl "Is your mom here?" She says no, Salt asks if she can take care of Burt, the girl says yes and Salt gives her money for her food. Evelyn and the girl agree that they do not like math and look at Burt for a moment before resuming their escape. Salt remembers the day he met Mike and he is showing him a spider that he himself discovered in North Korea.

Back in the present, Salt is walking down the street and although her back is to them, Winter and Peabody recognize her and run towards her. Salt runs away and Winter informs the other agents where Salt is going. Evelyn runs through a park and follows the stairs that lead to the subway with Winter and Peabody still chasing her. Salt makes his way through the subway, and Winter again reports his position to other agents. Evelyn runs until she finds another entrance to the subway and goes up the stairs to that entrance. Winter has not seen her go up and thinks she has gone to the trains. Salt exits the subway but a CIA car arrives. Peabody, who is in the car, sees her and orders them to go for her. He also informs the other agents where Salt is headed. Evelyn runs but the car can't chase her and Peabody gets out of the car and chases her. The agents and Winter arrive and they all chase Salt. She keeps running until it stops behind a car that is on the bridge of a highway and the agents arrive and surround her. Evelyn yells "Don't shoot. Don't shoot. I'm innocent." The officers order him to lie down and Peabody to get on his knees but Salt pleads "I have to find my husband. I have to find my husband. Don't shoot. Someone wants to set me up." Winter tells Peabody to put her down and put the gun down. Seeing that everyone has surrounded her, Salt tells them "You know they are going to assassinate the president of Russia. You know it. Focus on that."

Evelyn sees a truck on the highway and jumps towards it to escape the agents. Salt lands in the trailer of the truck, an agent shoots her but does not hit her. Peabody reports where Salt is and is going and orders the road to be blocked. Salt moves slowly over the trailer and sees that the agents have reached the road and cut it. Salt gets up and jumps into the trailer of another truck going the other direction. Winter and Peabody go in her car and find her. Salt's truck is going to go under where they are. The agents get out of the car and Peabody tries to shoot her but Evelyn spots a smaller truck on a lower road on the freeway. Salt jumps onto that truck while Peabody shoots her. Evelyn nearly fell off the truck but managed to grab onto the trailer and since she's on the other side of the agents, Peabody can't shoot her. The agents get back into the car with Peabody and Winter arguing if Salt is a mole. She gets into the trailer of the truck but the driver stops him when he sees all the cars in front still. Salt falls off the truck and lands in a car. The agents' car approaches and she runs again. Saly continues running down the highway with Winter's car and Peabody chasing her but it cannot go very fast due to the traffic jam. Evelyn sees a motorcyclist and grabs the bike to take it off. Salt gets on the bike and starts it to escape. The agents leave the road where there is land to go faster, Winter prepares to shoot it but Salt changes direction and goes another way. The agents' car gets on the dirt road to follow Salt, but the traffic jam does not let them follow her and she escapes on the motorcycle.

Salt arrives at a roadside bar, enters the bathroom, breaks the toilet paper dispenser and takes out the paper to press a wound on the right side of his abdomen. Evelyn uses her pants as duct tape to press down on the wound, gathers her things, and leaves the bar. That night, Salt got on a bus headed for New York City. While the television on the bus reports that the church in that city is going to hold the funeral of the vice president and that the president of Russia is going to be at that funeral, Salt remembers the day when Mike took her out of the prison of South Korea and how he proposed to her when they returned home. Back in the present, Salt arrives in New York, assumes a false identity, checks in, and stays at a hotel. While going to his room, Salt steals a jacket from a coat rack. Evelyn arrives at her room and inspects her to see if she is alone. Finding herself alone, Salt removes her hat, false teeth, and contact lenses and puts everything she needs on the bed, including Mike's spider bottle. Evelyn extracts the venom from the spider and studies the plans of the Church where the President of Russia will be tomorrow. She also remembers the day she joined the CIA. Back in the present, Salt is in the bathroom and dyes his blonde hair black.

Salt is present at the vice president's funeral. She moves when she sees the President of Russia get out of his car. Evelyn follows President Matveyev with her eyes and discovers that Winter and Peabody are also in the Church. Salt goes to the subway, chooses a train, and heads underground to the Church as the Vice President's coffin is introduced into the Church. Evelyn is pretending to read a newspaper but secretly sets it on fire and drops it on the train when they are near the Church. The smoke distracts the guards and passengers in the car and Salt gets out of the car and jumps off the train when he sees its stop. Following the plans, Salt arrives at the police station in the crypt and knocks out two policemen. Evelyn goes up the stairs, Peabody and other agents head to the tunnel when the agents see that the two agents that Salt knocked out do not respond. Evelyn arrives at a door and through a little mirror she sees an agent so she moves the door a little so that the agent approaches. When he is close enough, Evelyn comes out by surprise, disarms the guard, beats him and defeats him. Seeing another agent approach, Evelyn grabs the gun from the first and shoots the second but does not kill him and knocks him out with a kick. Salt reaches the Organ of the Church system and shoots him causing a great uproar in the Church during Matveyev's speech. Salt places a demolition charge on the roof and activates it by pressing the detonator causing the Matveyev to fall where she is.

Salt finds President Matveyev in the dust caused by the sinking, the two look into each other's eyes and Salt shoots him. The noise of the gunshot alerts Darryl Peabody to Salt's position and heads there. When he arrives, it is already late the President is dead and Salt holds the gun with which she has shot him. Peabody takes aim at Evelyn and orders her to drop the gun. She listens to him, drops the gun, raises her hands just as Darryl's reinforcements arrive. Salt surrenders to the agents and they submit her while Peabody examines the president's condition and says "I can't find his pulse" and another agent calls an ambulance. The agents take Salt to a police car but Winter arrives ready to kill Evelyn but other agents hold him and he reprimands her for everything she has done. The agents put Salt in a police car. Salt's car leaves with two other police escort cars. As they cross the Brooklyn Bridge, Salt remembers something of her life as a child: she remembers growing up in the Soviet Union because her parents died, her real name is Nathasa Chenkov, and being trained with other children. She remembers being traded for an American girl, the real Evelyn Salt, after the girl and her parents were killed in a car accident in the Soviet Union. Back in the present, Salt headbutts the agent on his right, elbows the one on his left, and pushes the driver's seat forward to catch the driver, then snatches an electroshock weapon from the agent on his left to knock out the driver. , throws the agent on the left out the door, elbows the one on the right and throws him out of his door as well. Evelyn tries to remove the handcuffs and shoots the driver again to increase the car's speed, she manages to get the car around a curve well and shoots the driver to accelerate the car when she sees the first police car in front of them. They collide and Salt makes his car drag the other until it hits another car. Evelyn puts the gear in reverse and shoots the driver to go backwards and they go straight to the police car behind. This tries to avoid it but Salt does not allow it and crashes his car against him. The agents get out of the wrecked cars and threaten Evelyn with their guns and she makes the driver go off the road to land on another. His car lands and wrecks him and other cars. Salt finds the key to the handcuffs and when several people arrive to see what has happened, Evelyn has removed the handcuffs and leaves there, she also steals a woolen hat from a store near the scene of the accident.

Salt escapes again and rides on a boat to head to a barge. During the journey, Salt recalls the instructions Orlov gave him on what he had to do with his life until the two saw each other again, as he said goodbye to him and assumed the identity of the real Evelyn Salt. Back in the present, Salt exits the ship and reaches the barge. Near the barge, Evelyn and Orlov meet, greet each other, hug and have a heartwarming reunion, with Salt mentioning "When I saw you in Whasington, it made me want to hug you." They walk together and Orlov mentions that Salt didn't have to marry unless it gave him a great tactical advantage and she says "I did it to appear normal." Orlov also tells her that even he hadn't expected so much from her and that Salt is his greatest creation.

The two hug again and Evelyn says "I've had a great teacher." The two along with other "sons" of Orlov go by boat to the barge. Upon entering, Salt asks Orlov if he has her husband and he says yes. As they walk up the barge, Evelyn asks "What's next?" and Orlov tells him that they will take control of America's atomic weapons, Salt asks how and Orlov tells him that he will see. Orlov leads Evelyn into a room with a hatch that sleeper agents open to show Salt to Michael tied to a chair with his mouth covered with a handkerchief. Orlov asks "Are you ready to watch him die?" Michael and Evelyn stare at each other and she says "Give me the gun" but he refuses and orders the room where Michael is to be flooded with water. Salt can only watch the room fill with water as the other sleeper agents point their weapons at her in case she has lost her loyalty to Orlov over the years. The room is completely flooded and Michael drowns. Salt mourns the death of her husband but does not react with anger, so Orlov is convinced that he is loyal. She asks him "Satisfied"? and Orlov says yes and orders the other agents to lower their weapons. He says "Russia is going to rise from the ashes of the greatest war the world has ever seen" and they toast because "The world will listen to them! His "brothers" welcome Salt and Orlov takes her a room to explain his next mission. He explains "Russia has changed. But we will not waste our lives. You will run into an agent in a NATO uniform, on a plane. Tail number N1 82SL. He will give you the final instructions.", Salt asks "That's it?" and Orlov says "That's it. Then there is no more communication. Total silence. We will not see each other again, my daughter."

Once Orlov finishes, the two drink from their glassest and ,suddenly, Salt hits him with the bottle on the head, it breaks and with the broken glass she stabs him several times in the neck to death. Evelyn searches some boxes, finds and hides a gun in the bag. She also takes three grenades and when leaving the room where Orlov's body is, she opens two of the grenades and throws them down a staircase to the lower floor and another to a door on her left. The bombs explode and Salt kills the guard at the door through which he is going to pass with his pistol. She walks in and kills all the unsuspecting agents. Upon killing one of them, Salt takes his machine gun from him and uses it to kill the rest of the agents. When they are all dead, Evelyn pauses to look at her dead husband and remembers their wedding day and then she leaves.

Salt gets on a plane and meets the agent Orlov mentioned. He asks if she remembers him and Salt recognizes him by a scar on his right cheekbone. Evelyn calls him "Shnaider", he laughs and sits on the plane with her. Salt asks "How long have you been here?" and he says "I left Russia a year after you. To Prague. And I've been NATO's liaison with the White House for three years. Colonel Edward Tomas. And you're my deputy. Your identification. Relax, there is plenty of time." And explains his mission: Assassinate the president of the United States when he is in a bunker, eight floors below the White House and take command of the United States nuclear arsenal. Shnaider tells Salt that her job is to get the president in the bunker and she just has to kill the president.

That night, Salt, disguised as a man, and Shnaider drive to the White House. The guard asks for the IDs and Shnaider gives them to him. He also opens the trunk when the guard asks him to. The guard informs of the arrival of "Colonel Tomás" and the "Major Commander" and lets them pass to the White House. At the gates of the White House, the two are searched with metal detectors. When they are let in, Salt takes his briefcase and Shnaider and she talk about who is the best of the Soviet agents. They come to the meeting and wait until the president arrives. Shnaider tells Salt that he has a great mission but he trusts her to do it, Salt tells him "You haven't told me what your mission is yet" and he just tells him to go home. At that moment, Shnaider throws Evelyn to the ground and launches a suicide attack, running towards the president and shooting everyone around him, the agents shoot him but with his last strength, Shnaider presses a detonator of a bomb that he has in his body and explodes. Salt takes the keys and ID card from an agent wounded by the blast and runs upstairs, locks himself in a room, and removes his disguise. The agents who are next to the president, including Winter, are forced to transfer the president to the underground bunker. Winter has the feeling that he has seen Salt and the agents release a statement saying that the White House is under attack as they run with the president to the elevator that leads to the underground bunker. Evelyn runs back downstairs and follows the president and the agents to the elevator. When the elevator closes, Salt knocks out the guard, grabs his gun, opens the door and jumps back and forth down the elevator to the president. Winter notices his presence. Upon reaching the bunker, an agent makes sure that Salt is not there and since everything is clear the other agents and the president exit the elevator. Salt makes his way downstairs as the president and the agents enter the bunker. The guard stays at the door to close and seal the bunker but before the door closes, Evelyn arrives from the top, knocks out the guard, stuns another guard by throwing the first guard's gun at him and enters the bunker before Let the door close Salt uses the card he stole earlier to open the gate leading to the bunker. The guards and the president go to the bunker's computer system to ask for help. Salt accesses the automatic system of the bunker and destroys it with a bullet so that they could not call for help or see what she does on the security cameras. When seeing the problems, some agents leave the room to see what happens and when they leave they seal it. Evelyn finds the agents and defeats them without killing any of them.

The president of the United States learns that Russia has mobilized its nuclear arsenal in response to the death of its president. He orders US nuclear weapons to be prepared in response. The agents call their colleagues who have left the room but they do not answer and access a security camera that does not need the system destroyed by Salt. They see her knocking out an agent and heading to his position. Winter recognizes her and insists that they give him a gun to go and finish her off, but one of the agents refuses and takes a gun. Winter suddenly kills everyone except the president. Salt hears the shots and runs to see what happened. Winter orders the president to sit down. In doing so, the president asks who he is and Winter introduces himself as Nikolai Tarkovsky, another member of the KA, knocking the president unconscious when he refuses to cooperate. Salt reaches the control room and through the windows he sees everyone dead and Winter alive.

Evelyn hesitates to show herself as she doesn't know if Winter is aware of her betrayal or not. When he sees her, he greets her like another Soviet agent and congratulates her on her success. Salt is happy to see that he does not know his betrayal and asks "Why didn't you tell me?" Winter says he was in a class ahead and prepares the missiles to launch in Tehran and Mecca for one billion Muslims to fight the United States. Salt asks Winter to let her join him in sharing the glory and being together after all these years, and he agrees, but when he goes to open the door to the Control Room, he sees a television report that says the President Matveyev is alive and well; Salt had infused the venom of the spider that he took from his apartment into the bullet with which he shot Matveyev to cause a simulated death.

Winter turns the audio up so Salt can hear what he hears. Winter confesses to Salt that he suspected they had lost her in North Korea because of how much he was moved by how Mike saved her that day. Winter berates Salt for falling in love with Mike, rather than recruiting him, and boasts that Orlov's appearance, Mike's kidnapping and murder, and his uncovered cover were his idea. Evelyn reveals that Orlov is dead but that makes Winter happy as Orlov wanted his "daughter" to come out of this alive. Salt deduces what is happening and tells Winter that he needed a culprit and Winter confirms to Salt his deduction: He plans to put all the blame for the nuclear attacks on Salt and he is seen as the hero. Evelyn tries to shoot Winter through the glass but it is too resistant, then she tries to break it by hitting it with her weapons but it does not break either. Salt sees the door system and with the weapons of the defeated agents manages to disable it from the outside and the door opens. Upon entering, Salt and Winter attempt to shoot each other but upon failure, the two fight violently hand to hand. During the fight, the missile launch authorization process is loaded and you just have to click "OK" to launch them. Winter leaves Salt on the ground and goes to launch the missiles but she recovers, kicks him and tries to cancel the launch. Winter grabs her and Salt sticks a pen in her shoulder to make her release her but Winter hits her on the head with his forehead, picks her up and hits her against the table several times. Evelyn recovers, hits Winter with her forehead and knocks him down with a kick. When the Secret Service agents show up, Salt heads to cancel the launch. She manages to abort the launch but an agent shoots her in the back. The agents and Peabody break in to arrest Salt and rescue Winter.

The Secret Service agents handcuff Salt and take her up the stairs to reach the upper floor. Evelyn and Winter stare at each other for a moment until an agent asks Winter to sit down so they can better examine his wound. Unnoticed by the agent, Winter grabs a pair of scissors with which she plans to kill Salt as soon as it passes by. The agents lead Salt close to Winter but before he could stab her, Evelyn breaks free from her guards and hooks the chain of her handcuffs around Winter's neck and jumps over the stair rail and strangles him. The agents grab Salt, carry her up and hold her at gunpoint while another agent takes Winter's pulse but Evelyn has managed to strangle Winter to death.

Agents take Salt out of the White House and into an FBI helicopter. The agents commission Peabody to watch over Salt until the flight ends. The helicopter takes off and during the trip, Peabody interrogates Salt, he asks "Why did you kill him ?, Salt says" Someone had to do it "and after a while without saying anything, Peabody hits Salt. He says "From this I deduce that you think everyone is who they say they are. Something was wrong with you since Orlov appeared. Me neither. But we didn't know what. Winter, yes. ", Peabody asks" Winter? Do you expect me to believe that Winter was going to launch the missiles And that you have saved the world? ", Salt says" I would like you to believe it ", Peabody says" It's a serious accusation ", Salt says" Well, he's already dead, so he can't defend himself. I suppose you will have to draw your own conclusions. After a while, Peabody asks Salt "How many more are there like you? And she responds" Like me? Nobody. As the? More than you or I could handle.". Evelyn offers Peabody as proof the fact that she did not kill the President of Russia by shooting and that she did not kill him either. Salt reminds him "I didn't kill you at the funeral being able to do it", Peabody says "You gave yourself up because I didn't give you a choice" but Salt replies "You know I didn't. I had a choice. You know I didn't." At that point, Peabody receives a text message saying that Salt's fingerprints were found on the barge where Orlov and the sleeper agents died, supporting her story. Now convinced that Salt has told the truth but still acting like an FBI agent, Peabody tells him "If I believed what you said and I didn't say for a second to do it, but if I did, no one else would." Salt says "Let's see if you can come up with something." In secret, Peabody begins to break the chains on Salt's handcuffs. Evelyn tells him that they have taken everything from him and vows to kill them. Silently, Peabody fixes on the Potomac River and punches Salt to appear normal. Peabody removes Evelyn's handcuffs, the two of them hear the pilots say they are approaching the Potomac River. Peabody whispers to Salt "Finish them off" and when the helicopter is over the river, he allows Salt to escape, jumping from the helicopter into the Potomac River and escaping into the woods.

In an alternate ending, Salt, disguised as a nun, arrives at the building where she was trained as a child in the former Soviet Union. She confronts Orlov in his office, telling him that she came to inform him that she's "free". The two then engage in a brief fight, where Orlov is then shot by Salt multiple times. She is later seen by the water as she pushes Orlov, who is tied to a large rock, into the water, and watches him drown. The building is then shown exploding.

Skills and Abilities[]

Various skills of Evelyn Salt:

close quarter combat;
applied explosive techniques;
rapid assault;
counter surveillance;
driving technique;
covert communications;
military free fall parachuting;
precise application of lethal force;
unarmed combate;
threat elimination structure penetration;
covert influence operations;
support and recruitment of human assets reconnaissance;
extreme environment survival;
field medic.